Relax is a Spanish company with more than a hundred years of history

1907 Relax, the origin

The Numancia box spring is our original brand and predecessor of the current Relax. Our life begins at the beginning of the last century, specifically in 1907 when D. Andrés Lucia Borge and Mrs. Francisca Aínsa Plo ran in Zaragoza a workshop of repair of box springs called Numancia.

A few years later, specifically in 1925, they also inaugurated in the Aragonese capital the first factory of metal bed frames and in the following decade other factories in Spain.

Then came hard years during the Civil War, but our beloved brand Numancia managed to overcome all these adversities and continue to grow during the following years and start manufacturing in the 50s and 60s mattresses still with the Numancia brand. It is at the end of the following decade, when the new brand Relax begins to be forged to go on the market with the manufacture of the first spring mattresses and our famous slogan It's a lot of mattress!

From the beginning until today, five generations have passed, preserving the family vocation of our company. All the descendants who have since been in charge, have known how to adapt to changes and make decisions, sometimes risky, but then time has shown that they were the right ones. Also, our history is possible thanks to the thousands of workers who for more than 100 years have put the best of themselves so that today Relax is the mattress factory with more history in Spain.

Finally, a tribute and recognition to you, our thousands of current customers and many others who were for years and of course, in the millions of users of our brands Numancia and Relax who have trusted and trust us.

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Present and Future

The entire team of this company works today in order to guarantee the care of the body, health and rest because we are convinced that this way we achieve a better quality of life.

To achieve our goal we develop, produce and market all kinds of products for rest (mattresses, upholstered bases, box springs, beds, pillows, accessories ...).

We currently have one of the most modern factories in Europe, with more than 60,000 m2 and in our processes we combine the most technological machinery with artisanal elaboration and the taste of what is handmade.

Our qualified staff is made up of almost 300 people, professionals from different fields who form a work team, capable of solving quickly and agilely any need of you, our customers.

We are different for being able to create the product that our client chooses. We manufacture it by and for you; at the best price and with the features and technology that our à la carte production allows us to offer.

In Relax we are involved in the success of your business anywhere in the world and we put at your disposal all our intercontinental "know how", because Relax is a product and immediate service oriented to you, client.

To address this future together, Relax has the advantage of being an agile company and in an environment where changes occur at high speed, our company is characterized by perceiving what the market demands and offering immediate responses.

We apply activities of high performance and productive optimization while preserving all the craftsmanship and values that define a company dedicated to the development and manufacture of products for rest for more than a hundred years with care and delicacy.

And the whole team of a large company working in one direction: Ensure the care of the body and ensure its well-being.

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Our target, your rest

A new mattress can improve up to 63% of upper back pain

According to research conducted by Dr. Bert Jacobson, from the University of Oklahoma and endorsed by the European Bedding Industries' Association (EBIA), to which we belong, there is a very close relationship between a good mattress and restful night.

It has always been commented that many of the sleep problems could be related to an old and uncomfortable mattress or sleeping surface, but it was not scientifically proven. However, this study – published in the winter issue of the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine – establishes an irrefutable relationship between new mattresses and improvements in back pain, sleep quality and comfort during it.

In addition, the body also changes: What was good for us a few years ago may no longer be good today. Injuries and diseases appear and/or disappear, and even if they do not, a 20-year-old body is not the same as a 30-year-old, nor a 40-year-old body the same as a 50-year-old.

The bed influences rest and health. It must be ergonomic to adapt perfectly to our physiognomy through two fundamental aspects: support and comfort.

This correct support and comfort should ensure that our spine rests fully aligned. We need a mattress that adapts to our body comfortably and without generating pressure points that make us change posture, causing micro awakenings that reduce sleep efficiency.

Due to all these circumstances, in Relax we work in order to guarantee the care of your body, health and rest because we are convinced that this way we achieve a better quality of life and to achieve our goal we offer our technologies.

Why choose Relax Mattresses?

For all

Because we conceive a different mattress for each rest need.


Because we have the most modern factory in Europe and this allows us to put the most advanced products within your reach.


Because having more than a hundred years of experience makes us leaders.


Because we know that your rest at night is your well-being during the day.


Because we assume a real commitment to innovation and every day we develop new projects.


Because we are proud of our firm commitment to the environment and contributing to taking care of our planet.


Because we enjoy our integral commitment to quality and we are demanding with the result of our final work.

Trusted product

Because we guarantee security and confidence: great product at a great price.


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