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Sección Natura

The best for you is the best for the planet. Our Natura mattresses have been made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials, also free of animal cruelty thanks to the non-use of animal fabrics, using sustainable linen and cotton.

We only have one planet and our duty is to protect it so that it continues to be so. You are the change.

Colección Sport

We are committed to providing you with a restful sleep so that you can overcome your own limits. Become your best version.

Your mind will be the first to give up, but you can always go further, and when you feel like you can't take it anymore and the sweat doesn't stop falling down your forehead, remember that those who give up never win.

Train hard, fall, get up, hit hard and become your best version, we take care that you recover your strength to continue giving it your all.

Colección Serenity

Live in the present moment, be aware of the here and now.
It's time to take a break from the incessant noise and slow down. Allow yourself to connect with yourself.
Make mind and body one so that they work in harmonious harmony and unleash your full potential. Discover the power of your mind.

We care that your rest is optimal with the exhaustive selection of the best materials that take care of you and provide you with that necessary peace and relaxation.

the culmination of 5 generations of masters of rest

Five generations of masters of rest have brought Relax to the place it occupies today: a family company that continues to be guided by the virtues of sleep and the humble pride of its trade. Each generation has played its role in shaping RELAX, overcoming the difficulties that arose.


Exclusive mattresses for our partners

Personalization for hotels, stores, non-manufacturer brands.




of mattresses manufactured per year in Spain



of mattresses a year go to the trash



 end up in the landfill


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